Monday, October 10, 2016

Bacon Serrano Deviled Eggs

Can you resist?

Are deviled eggs a football snack?  Maybe, maybe not.  They *are* easy to whip up on a Sunday for the game.

And they might be gone before the game starts.  

First things first, get those eggs going.  Put eggs in a pot of cold water, cover, bring to a boil, then shut the burner off and let sit for 12 minutes.  Rinse under cold water.

Cooking your eggs the way I described is the trick to pretty yellow yolks and easy peeling.
Now let’s make your house smell good.  Bacon time!  One pack, fry it up until crispy and set aside to drain and cool.  (There should be enough for you to steal a couple of pieces!)
The filling:
1 C. mayo
1 ½ tsp vinegar
¾ tsp. dry mustard
½ tsp. sugar
2 (more or less) Serrano peppers, seeded and minced
Who gets to lick the bowl?
So yeah, you can use a Jalapeno if you want it to be a bit milder, but honestly Serranos aren’t *that* much hotter, but enough to make it a bit spicier.  You’ll just have to test out peppers to see what works for you.  Maybe you’ll go nuts with a Habanero!

Peel your eggs.  It helps to do this under gently running water.  Cut them in half and put the yolks into a bowl. Set the halved whites on a clean kitchen towel, then onto a dish for filling.

Ta-da!Mash yolks and filling ingredients together to the consistency you’re happy with, then spoon into egg. (You can also throw it into a Ziploc, cut a corner off, then use like a pastry bag.  I find that the spoons are easier, less messy, and quicker.)
Sprinkle with paprika, and crumbled bacon!
You can make these the day before, cover and refrigerate.
My mind started churning while making these, thinking of all kinds of filling options!
  • Add Sriracha to the mayo mix
  • Stir in crumbled blue cheese
  • Play with different types of mustards- horseradish, Dijon, brown...

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What’s your favorite filling?
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